Dwyane Wade on Cavs' struggles: "It will get better, I will get better, our team will"

Posted at 6:04 AM, Nov 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-03 07:00:37-04

The Cleveland Cavaliers have hit some bumps in the road early on the season.

With the team's four-game losing streak after a loss to the Indiana Pacers 124-107, NBA veteran Dwyane Wade opened up to fans,

He addressed the team's rocky start on LeBron James' UNINTERRUPTED platform Thursday night.

Wade is no stranger to getting candid with fans on his various social media outlets.

"I'm here to help this team in whatever capacity I can from a veteran's standpoint," said Wade.

Wade said the team is trying to figure it out together.

"I do love you guys and I appreciate you guys for ya'll support and everything, but that 20 points a game ain't gonna happen. If I'm playing 23 minutes one night, I'm gonna try to be the best I can be in those 23," Wade said.