These are the Cleveland stars who could replace LeBron on the Sherwin-Williams wall downtown

Posted at 3:04 PM, Jul 02, 2018
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Now that's he's off to the Lakers, LeBron James is coming down off the iconic Sherwin-Williams wall across the street from The Q. Who should replace him? We made a list, because … Internet.

In no particular order:

Cory Kluber

The case for Kluber: Two-time Cy Young winner, one of the greatest players in Indians history.
The case against: Old Scowly McAngryface looking down on the city. 

Baker Mayfield

The case for Mayfield: He's the future of the Browns.
The case against: He hasn't done anything yet.

Francisco Lindor

The case for Lindor: Mega-talented and plays the game with joy.
The case against: Will have to swap him out when he eventually signs with the Yankees.

Jose Ramirez

The case for Ramirez: Scrappy with lots of heart, just like Cleveland.
The case against: Nobody outside of Indians fans and maybe his own family knows who he is.

Terry Francona

The case for Francona: Has a .561 winning percentage and a pennant as Tribe manager.
The case against: How do we keep losing to the Twins? The Twins?!? Come on. The Twins?

Stipe Miocic

The case for Miocic: Unprecedented three-time defending heavyweight champ.
The case against:  Only Eastlake residents can properly pronounce his name.

Michael Symon

The case for Symon: The brisket at Mabel’s.
The case against: Celebrating a chef with a multi-story banner doesn’t help our image as one of America’s fattest cities.

J.R. Smith

The case for Smith: A solemn reminder to all Cleveland athletes to be aware of timeouts.
The case against: None. Let's do this.

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