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Baker Mayfield is dropping random pop culture quotes into his interviews, and we are here for it

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Baker Mayfield
Posted at 3:34 PM, Nov 23, 2020
and last updated 2020-12-21 00:34:25-05

CLEVELAND — The Cleveland Browns are 7-3 for the first time since 1994. With winning comes fun (hey, remember fun?), and no one seems to have more fun after a win than quarterback Baker Mayfield, who has been throwing some iconic quotes and pop culture references into his post-game press conferences.

From rap lyrics to movie lines to citing a popular commercial, Mayfield has been dropping random quotes each week. Here’s a look back at Mayfield’s pop culture references so far this season.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby
On Oct. 11, after notching their fourth win in a row, this time against the Indianapolis Colts, Mayfield opened up the press conference with a classic line from the movie “Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.”

When asked about X-rays he was scheduled to have on his ribs after taking a big hit during the game and how he was feeling, Mayfield said he played one of the worst games of the season at that point but said they would focus on getting better moving forward.

“I have to get better. A lot to learn from, but we learned on that defense and we got the yards when we needed it,” Mayfield said. “The good thing about it is we do not have to learn from a loss – we can get better after a win. Just the mindset of trying to be just a bunch of big hairy American winning machines is important.”

Holiday Inn Express Commercials
Speaking of his X-rays, Mayfield also dropped another iconic reference in that same post-game press conference, pulling inspiration from a popular Holiday Inn Express commercial.

When asked if he had already had X-rays on his rib and if he knew the results, Mayfield found a clever way to respond.

“I had X-rays, and I did not stay at a Holiday Inn, so I do not know how to read them,” Mayfield said while laughing.

If you don’t remember the commercials, here’s where Mayfield’s answer came from:

After a tough loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers the week before, the Browns bounced back big-time against the Cincinnati Bengals thanks to a game-winning, down-to-the-wire drive by Mayfield.

After the game, Mayfield seemed to have his confidence and swagger rejuvenated and found a way to quote rapper DMX’s hit "Ruff Ryders' Anthem.”

When asked about the rhythm he was able to find after a rough first quarter in order to set the franchise record for consecutive completions in a game, Mayfield dropped the reference without missing a beat.

“It is just a necessary mindset of doing whatever it takes to win. Having to watch that first quarter – Stop. Drop. Shut ‘em down. Open up shop. Like, oh no. That’s how Ruff Ryders roll,” Mayfield said.

Lil Wayne
In one of the more important wins of the season, the Browns came out of the bye week healthy and took down the Houston Texans.

Facing fourth-and-goal, Myles Garrett was able to get a game-changing stop, stuffing quarterback Deshaun Watson and preventing the Texans from taking a 7-3 lead. The defense ended up holding the Texans to seven points, helping the Browns seal the win.

When asked about the defensive effort and Garrett’s big play, Mayfield referenced rapper Lil Wayne’s song “6 Foot 7 Foot” to describe the defensive end’s style of play.

“Yeah, they made great plays when they needed to. I think Myles took the approach that real Gs move in silence like lasagna,” Mayfield said.

Snoop Dogg
Speaking of Garrett, Mayfield found a way to use a rap lyric to describe the defense stepping up with Garrett out on the reserve/COVID-19 list in Sunday’s win over the Philadelphia Eagles.

Mayfield credited the defensive players for filling in for Garrett, a not-so-easy task when the player you’re replacing is in the running for Defensive Player of the Year.

While doing so, Mayfield referenced the legendary Dre. Dre and Snoop Dogg song “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang.”

“When they knew that Myles was out, they knew they had to get funky on the field, and just like an old batch of collard greens, they just played well together,” Mayfield said.

Kobe Bryant
After the win over the Eagles, Mayfield also referenced a popular quote by the late NBA legend Kobe Bryant.

During the 2009 NBA Finals, Bryant was asked why he wasn’t smiling after going up 2-0 in the series to which he said, “What’s there to be happy about? Job’s not finished.”

Mayfield ended the press conference with a similar sentiment when asked if the recent wins show what the team needs down the stretch as they inch towards a playoff berth.

“Yeah, I think when we have a singular focus and that singular mindset of just one game at a time and we can be pretty good. Not lose sight of the big picture, one game at a time, but job’s not finished yet,” Mayfield said.

The Browns have six games left on the regular-season schedule, which gives Mayfield more opportunities to drop some pop culture references. After years of misery, it feels like the Browns are finally having fun again. How many more Baker one-liners will we get? Maybe one, two, three and to the fo'? Only time will tell.


Ron Swanson

After beating the Jacksonville Jaguars, Mayfield—who missed a few wide open touchdown passes—reflected on those mistakes while channeling his inner Ron Swanson from the show "Parks and Recreation."

“No, I really feel like we left a lot of points up on the board. I truly do. There were a ton of missed opportunities just from my perspective, a lot of missed throws," Mayfield said. "There are only two things I hate more than missing throws, and that is lying and skim milk, and skim milk is just water lying about being milk. I have to make those throws.”

Dwight Schrute

Mayfield had arguably one of the best games of his career against the Tennessee Titans, showing off his accuracy and footwork in a very important game against a playoff caliber team.

When asked what is different about him from last season, or even earlier this season, Mayfield pulled out a quote made famous by the character Dwight Schrute from "The Office."

“Whenever I am about to do something, I think, ‘Would an idiot do that?’ And if they would, then I don’t do that,” Mayfield said.

TLC and The Other Guys
After the Browns defeated the New York Giants on Sunday Night Football, Mayfield worked in a bit from the movie "The Other Guys" while referencing three classic hits from TLC.

In The Other Guys, Captain Gene Mauch, played by Michael Keaton, randomly quotes TLC song lyrics in everyday conversation. The first reference in the movie is from the song "Waterfalls," the second is "No Scrubs" and the third is from "Creep."

On Sunday night, Mayfield followed suit, dropping those same three references during his postgame press conference.

"We just have to stay in there and realize that as long as we don't go chasing waterfalls were going to be in the game," Mayfield said, quoting "Waterfalls."

When asked if it helps when his teammates make big plays, Mayfield dropped his second TLC reference, this time quoting "No Scrubs."

"Yeah we don't want no scrubs. We've got some dogs outside, we've got guys that we're really proud of," Mayfield said.

His final TLC/Other Guys reference came when asked about their resiliency and ability to keep fighting throughout each game.

"It goes back to laying down the foundation of this team. Resilience is one of the things we wanted to do and yeah, every once in a while stuffs not going to go your way, you're going to get knocked back but you got to creep, creep back in and be able to overcome those penalties," Mayfield said, this time quoting "Creep."

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Camryn Justice is a digital content producer at News 5 Cleveland. Follow her on Twitter @camijustice.