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Browns' Joe Thomas jokes he will buy the Panthers if he gets 1 million retweets

Posted at 10:04 AM, Dec 19, 2017

Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas is a star on the field, but he's also a comedian off the field.

Thomas says he will buy the Carolina Panthers if Twitter shows him some love and gets him 1 million retweets.

Fans immediately responded with hypothetical questions of what would change if Thomas did buy the Panthers.

The first thing he would change? The logo and changing the name from the Carolina Panthers to the Carolina Mission BBQs.

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Thomas didn't stop there with his list of potential changes. The roster would reflect his unorthodox views on punting and kicking.

Showing off his loyalty to Cleveland, he didn't forget to represent one of the biggest names in the city's food scene, calling out Chef Rocco Whalen and his team at Fahrenheit to be the official chef of the team.

His tweet has reached over 14,000 tweets as of Thursday morning.