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Browns' QB Baker Mayfield finds himself in online feud with Antonio Brown

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Posted at 9:23 PM, Sep 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-28 21:23:58-04

CLEVELAND — Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield found himself in a social media feud with recently unemployed wide receiver Antonio Brown.

The situation began on Instagram Friday when Mayfield posted a picture of himself in college with the caption “Just some undersized Walk On...Keep that same energy.”

Someone replied to his post comparing him to Brown with the comment “Win football games. That speaks louder than these AB’ish style posts…” which didn’t sit well with Mayfield.

Mayfield replied to the comment, “you’re right… let me call out my teammates and throw a fit about my helmet then go freeze my feet off."

The comment was a shot at Brown and the drama surrounding him during training camp in his brief stint with the Raiders prior to his shorter stint with the Patriots.

Brown, having some time on his hands, moved the feud to Twitter, tweeting “Should of never been drafted before Lamar Jackson what a big scam.”

Shortly after, Brown took another shot at Mayfield, tweeting about his game play.

Sorry ass Chico keep rolling right you ain’t done nothing in this league the internet only place u would ever talk too or about me; you know u get beat quick slice u up some humble pie,” he wrote.

Brown later deleted his second tweet.

Mayfield, who is preparing for his game against the Ravens Sunday, did not respond to either of Brown's tweets.

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