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Browns trade down in fourth round, send No. 113 pick to Detroit Lions

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Posted at 12:45 PM, May 01, 2021

CLEVELAND — Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry hinted last week that he was not necessarily married to any decision in regards to picking in a particular position—and that proved true after the team traded down, sending their fourth round, No. 113 pick to the Detroit Lions.

In exchange for the No. 113 pick, which was acquired from the Carolina Panthers Friday night, and their No. 257 pick, the Browns will acquire Lions' No. 153 and a 2022 fourth round pick.

Before the Draft, Berry mentioned his comfort level in this Draft, defining the Browns position in the Draft as “flexible.”

“I think the positioning in this draft allows us to be very flexible, whether that is moving up, down or sitting and picking. Largely, that will be dictated by how the board falls ahead of us. I think we have a lot of flexibility going into Thursday night,” Berry said.

The general manager also mentioned what it would take to move back in the Draft.

“Largely, if you are considering moving back, number one it depends what is on the board and ultimately, what you think is going to be available to you, depending on how far you move back,” Berry said last week. “The second piece is what else you are receiving in terms of trade compensation for moving out of your original draft slot.”

The Browns now hold the following picks:

Fourth round: No. 132

Fifth round: No. 153 (Lions pick) No. 169 (Rams pick)

Sixth round: No.211