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Cleveland Browns WR Ryan Switzer asks for prayers for 9-month-old son hospitalized with COVID-19

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Posted at 11:44 AM, Mar 08, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-20 19:26:33-04

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Ryan Switzer is asking for prayers for his infant son, who is dealing with medical issues in the hospital.

Switzer said on social media that his 9-month-old son Christian woke up in his own blood Saturday and was taken to the hospital. Christian tested positive for COVID-19, according to Switzer.

On Saturday, doctors could not determine the source of the bleeding, and Christian required a blood transfusion. By Saturday night, Switzer said, doctors had completed a series of tests and scans and determined the source of the bleeding, which required surgery to correct.

After heading back to surgery Sunday morning, doctors determined that the source of the bleeding found on the scans was inaccurate and surgeons had to implement exploratory measures to locate it, he said. A gastroenterologist specialist located several sources of bleeding and took samples for testing.

A gastroenterologist specializes in the structure, functions, diseases and pathology of the stomach and intestines.

On Sunday night, Switzer said that while he was out of surgery , stable and resting, Christian was still having episodes of bleeding.

Switzer and his wife Gabie asked for prayers for their family as they await the results of the samples taken by the gastroenterologist.

With COVID-19 protocols, Switzer said that he is unable to be with his son, and his wife has been at the hospital with their son.

Switzer took a moment in the midst of everything to thank those on social media who have reached out and kept his family in their thoughts and prayers through the difficult time.

"We’re heartbroken this has happened to our baby boy, but we’re also overwhelmed by the amount of people who have reached out in support of Christian. This has been the toughest day of Gabie and I’s life. Please continue to pray Christian stabilizes and makes it through surgery," Switzer wrote.

On Monday afternoon, Switzer shared an update that Christian's labs have remained normal and the bleeding had stopped, allowing him to be moved from the ICU.

"We’re still waiting on his tissue biopsies from surgery but, we’re thankful his health and his mood are slowly improving," Switzer said.