New Cleveland Browns defensive back Damarious Randall steps in it on Twitter

Posted: 8:36 AM, May 29, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-29 13:02:49Z

New Browns defensive back Damarious Randall really knows how to warm up to his new fan base. Cue the sarcasm.

It started with this bit of social media poetry. (Warning: explicit language.)

After the Golden State Warriors defeated the Houston Rockets in Game 7, Randall seemed to be somewhat aware that he had staked out an unpopular opinion.

Based on his tweets, he clearly wants the Warriors to win.

Randall said that if the Cavs win the Finals, he will buy everyone who retweets him a jersey, but it's unclear what jersey that will be. Maybe it should be a Damarious Randall jersey, since few Clevelanders will actually be buying any of those now.

In his defense, Randall is new to Cleveland, and he's had a lifetime before now to forge his sports allegiances. Free speech, free country and all that.

But to put that out publicly? This guy better be really, really good at being a defensive back.