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Plans for the Browns Perfect Season Parade move forward, as team ends season winless

Posted at 7:15 PM, Jan 01, 2018
and last updated 2018-01-02 09:07:26-05

It is official, after a winless season, plans for the browns perfect season parade are moving forward. This first-of-its-kind event was organized on Twitter by lifelong fan Chris McNeil.

It will take place this January 6th, starting with a parade around First Energy stadium.

It is something Cleveland sports fans have been longing for since June 2016, a parade bringing the city together to celebrate our sports team.

"This thing has become a monster," said Browns Perfect Season Parade organizer Chris McNeil.

But the Browns Perfect Season Parade is anything but a celebration,  

"This thing is way more nuanced than that. It is obviously a protest to the Browns, a protest to what is going on. And it is coming from fans, fans like me" said McNeil.

And after losing the last game of the season, on New Year's Eve, the Browns put the 0-16 plans into full effect.

The festivities start with a parade around the First Energy Stadium, with special appearances from some heartbroken and creative fans.

"There's going to be one guy who is going to be walking. He kinda went viral for putting headstones of each of the Browns quarterbacks, since 1999," said McNeil.

Some fans say it is all in good fun. "It is going to be a fun thing and maybe the coach will jump in the lake," said one fan.
But not everyone is on board with the idea

"These guys play their hearts out every week, it is not their fault," said another fan. 

In the end, despite their different takes on the parade, there is one thing Browns fans can agree on... There's always next year.  

"Oh absolutely, and not talking about parades. We will be talking about parades for the AFC championship, for the Superbowl" said McNeil.

In 2017, after the Browns won their only game of the season, McNeil says they donated the $10,000 they raised to the Cleveland Food Bank. The Browns matched that donation. This year, he says they are collecting canned goods at the parade and donating any leftover funds to the food bank.