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The Kevin Hogan Era in Cleveland ... is over

The Kevin Hogan Era in Cleveland ... is over
Posted at 5:43 PM, Apr 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-06 17:43:09-04

The Browns and Redskins have agreed to the following trade: 

Browns receive:
Redskins 2018 sixth-round pick (188th overall) 

Redskins receive:
QB Kevin Hogan
Browns 2018 sixth-round pick (205th overall) acquired from the Patriots in trade for Jason McCourty

With Tyrod Taylor slated to start and Drew Stanton as a backup, the trade provides a roster spot for the Browns to draft a quarterback, which will either be Sam Darnold, Josh Rosen, Josh Allen or Baker Mayfield, depending who you ask. (And unless you're asking John Dorsey, it doesn't matter who you ask.)