Cavs consider getting therapy dog

Posted at 4:26 PM, May 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-13 16:27:21-04

Cavaliers fans rocked The Q last Monday when the team closed out their series against the Toronto Raptors with a four-game sweep.

There's one special fan we may have to thank for added help to the team's success. His name is REMINGTON, and he is a therapy dog that works at the University of North Carolina. 

The Cavs met REMINGTON back in March when they played the Hornets in Charlotte. Cavs forward J.R. Smith said REMINGTON had a positive impact on him both times they met. 

"Every time I see him, I smile. Just playing with him and understanding, I don't know. It is different," Smith said. 

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The Cavs flew REMINGTON in for the team's shoot around before Game 4 against the Raptors, which the Cavs went on to dominate, taking them into the Eastern Conference Finals. REMINGTON stuck around to watch the Cavs' win.

"All dogs can be therapeutic," said Cathy Mutnick, a certified personal dog trainer in Northeast Ohio. "But therapy dogs are trained to visit strangers. It is just to cheer them up."

Mutnick and Smith both said a therapy dog can help a player's game. 

"Dogs just have this ability to make us feel less stressed. I think it's probably the unconditional love,"  Mutnick said. "I think just to get your mind off the plays you're supposed to do or what you didn't do...It just clears your mind, puts you in a positive mood and you are ready to go again."

"We were talking about getting one as a team," Smith said. "I think it's very beneficial and brings a smile to a lot of people's faces."

While the Cavs search their playbook for ways to win a title, they might find a little of what they're looking for in a furry friend.