Dwayne Haskins apparently ran out of gas before being fatally hit

Steelers Haskins Killed Football
Posted at 4:26 PM, Apr 20, 2022

Many had wondered why Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Dwayne Haskins was walking on a Florida highway early in the morning when he was fatally struck by a dump truck earlier this month.

According to 911 audio released Wednesday by the Florida Highway Patrol, Haskins' wife Kalabrya called the agency from Pittsburgh on April 9, saying she hadn't heard from her husband after he told her he'd run out of gas and would call her back, the Associated Press reported.

When he didn't call her back, she called 911.

Kalabrya, who was unaware of the accident, told the operator that it was unlike him not to call her back, and she wanted someone to go to the area to see if he was OK, the Associated Press reported.

The dispatcher told her not to panic but that they had received reports of an accident in that area, but they couldn't confirm if Haskins was involved or not.

Kalabrya was then told to “hang tight” while the dispatcher tried to get more information. While on hold, the former Ohio State star's wife could be heard crying and praying.

The 911 operator then returned and told Kalabrya to stay by her phone and someone would call her.

The agency also released a traffic crash incident report Wednesday.

In it, witnesses told investigators that Haskins was attempting to cross the highway when he was struck by the dump truck, which then knocked him into a second vehicle.

The quarterback was in Florida training with his teammates, ESPN reported.