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ODOT says warmer temperatures should help with plowing overnight

Posted at 8:09 PM, Feb 17, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-17 20:09:31-05

CLEVELAND — A winter storm is coming overnight and the Ohio Department of Transportation is gearing up to keep the roads plowed.

ODOT said crews have started salting the roads to prepare for the snowfall and will start plowing overnight.

Crews were not able to pretreat the roads as much as usual due to the rainfall.

"Unfortunately, we cannot pretreat anything that we would have put on the road this afternoon has just been washed away with the rain. So again, that's the challenge of the storm is we just have to be on the road salting when it changes over to freezing rain," said Brant Kovacs with ODOT.

Kovacs said with many guests being in town this weekend for the All-Star Game, their goal is to keep the roads passable for all drivers and offered some safety types for anyone driving that doesn't usually encounter plow trucks.

"So a couple of safety tips when you're driving your car is one must be aware you're going below the posted speed limit, so please use caution if you do pass one and this again, they're going to be going slow to use caution when you pass one and please just give them plenty of room to work," Kovacs said.