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Snow on the way? It's a possibility

Posted at 5:59 PM, Oct 28, 2019

LAKE COUNTY, Ohio — Flakes may fly this weekend.

No. It's not going to be a blizzard. But, the first snow flakes of the season are always a talker and many of you could see your first snow flakes this weekend here in northern Ohio.

A cold front will cross our state late Thursday night into early Friday morning, which means we will experience highs in the 40s and overnight lows in the 30s Friday through the weekend. A few wet snow flakes could mix in with any rain showers early Friday morning as that cold air arrives.

Of course, the ground is wet and warm, so none of these flakes will stick, but you might notice that sloppy rain drop/wet snow flake on your wind shield during the early morning hours.

Another shot of chilly air will slide south into the area Saturday night. This will trigger scattered rain and wet snow showers Saturday night and Sunday morning, mainly east of Cleveland in that traditional "Snow Belt" area of Lake, Geauga, and Ashtabula counties.

Once again, I do not expect any snow accumulation since the ground is wet and warm. But, some slush on your Sunday morning windshield can't be ruled out.

These first flakes are just practice for the real stuff that comes later on this month and next.

'Tis the season — so, find that winter coat and keep the snow shovel near the back door. Winter is almost here.