Light pillars, an incredible optical phenomenon, were spotted in Northeast Ohio

CLEVELAND - You may hate the winter but without it, you would never be able to see this weather phenomenon that looks like the city got abducted by aliens.

One photo of rare light pillars spotted in Northeast Ohio by News 5's overnight photographer is a sight you have to see.

Light pillars can be a spectacular sight during the winter months—if you're lucky to see them, of course. Luckily, you don't have to endure the freezing early morning temperatures to see this rare sighting.

They're commonly seen when flat, hexagonal-shaped ice crystals reflect city lights. The crystals are usually found in higher-level clouds, but when the air is very cold, they float much closer to the ground.

To find a good source for a light pillar sighting, your best bet is to travel a few miles outside of your city on a dark, cold night. 


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