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6 fun and useful gifts for teachers

6 fun and useful gifts for teachers
Posted at 11:15 AM, Dec 05, 2022

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As the end of the year approaches, you may be wondering how to show your child’s teachers that they are appreciated in a unique and memorable way.

Teachers have likely been gifted enough apple- and pencil-themed items, candles, mugs, and bath/body goods to last them several school years. So here are some A+ ideas to consider this year when you’re shopping for holiday gifts for those hard-working educators that see your kids daily.

Gift Cards

What teacher would be disappointed with a gift card to Amazon or dozens of other stores and retailers where they can pick what they’d like for themselves?

Amazon cards packaged in teeny Amazon boxes are adorable. Or you can choose from a ton of different holiday designs, so giving a gift card doesn’t have to be boring.

Try to get gift cards for online retailers that ship for free or which have stores near you locally. You want to make it as easy as possible for teachers to redeem them.


Stationery And Personalized Post-Its

Rifle Paper Co. has some gorgeous stationery available on Amazon, like this botanical boxed set for $25. Teachers can use their new cards to write all those thank you notes for the gifts their students gave them for the holidays!

You’ll find thousands of options for personalized Post-It notes on Etsy, which you can customize with a teacher’s name, a particular design or image, and so many more options.

Among the customizable sticky notes on Amazon are ones from Canopy Street Store, which sells six-packs of 50-note sets for $19.99.


Stamps, Stickers And Suckers

Stickers and stamps are used by elementary school teachers all the time, so why not help them replenish their supply?

Amazon has many sticker packs for teachers, including colorful and clever Sweetzer & Orange sticker packs for $8.99.

If your child’s teacher likes to have a container of candy on their desk for the older kids, consider helping them re-stock the lollipops or other candy that make them “the fun one” among the faculty.

A $12 glass “baggie” would fill nicely with some Jolly Ranchers or individually wrapped hard candy for these post-COVID times.



Teachers may have access to an office laminator, but it’s so much easier to have one at home or in the classroom for all those art and other projects.

You can get the 4.8 out of 5-star Scotch Thermal Laminator for $33 on Amazon.


Classroom Supplies

By winter break, some of the parent-provided school supplies are beginning to run out. Check with your child’s teacher on what they might need, and stock up for them.

Maybe get the best dry-erase markers to replace those pens at the end of their juice or buy some big packs of tissues.


Totes And Small Bags

Your child’s teacher might like a cute tote bag to hold all those papers that they take home to correct every night. Even better is one that can be repurposed for other things too.

This $30 Bag Wizard canvas tote comes in several different colors and could be used for many things.


And one gift that doesn’t cost anything but time and the price of a piece of paper? A handwritten note of thanks from your child to their teachers.

My mother recently retired after four decades of teaching second grade, and she says those notes were always the most prized presents.

Even the best dry-erase markers and gift cards can’t provide the heartfelt gratitude of a personal note, so consider adding that to your gift!

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