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Children learn more about music, one instrument at a time

Posted: 6:58 PM, Jan 21, 2019
Updated: 2019-02-05 09:43:01-05
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CLEVELAND — A local councilman is bringing music into children's lives, one instrument at a time.

Ward 9 Councilman, Kevin Conwell said donations are pouring into his Play It Forward instrument drive.

Conwell said the gifts will give kids an opportunity who otherwise, may not have access to them.

"We're the rock and roll capital of the world,” said Conwell. "It should be on every corner in Cleveland. We're the capitol, the rock capitol. I want to give back."

The first drive took place Jan. 21 at Severance Hall.

“We collected $10,000 today in donations,” said Conwell.

The next donation for instruments will be Feb. 17, from noon until 5 p.m. Youth are looking forward to the opportunity.

"It really sparked my interest,” said student, Javier Rosemond. "With the instruments, you get to put your own little spin or style to it. They set that bar, since we're a new generation, we get to go beyond the bar. I’d like to play the piano or the guitar."

"From a mental health and from a social and emotional perspective, that it’s very important for kids to be involved in extracurricular activities,” said Dakota King-White, Assistant Professor at Cleveland State. "It definitely developed another portion of the brain. They can show other areas that they can be successful in."