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Cleveland homeless shelter needs money for new beds

Posted at 7:39 AM, Nov 30, 2022

CLEVELAND — Crossroad Men's Crisis Center is a place where homeless men find the fuel to fight addictions.

The shelter helps men learn the skills needed to get their GED and receive counseling to deal with unhealthy behaviors.

Crossroads provides the resources to restore men to lifelong sufficiency.

"Whenever a man comes to us, we start really by focusing on stability," program manager Dominic Verdell said. "It's our hope that we're going to help them do some real skill-building. And then hopefully that's going to help them transition into employment or at least income that provides them stability as they move into stable housing and leave the mission for a place of their own."

Frank Lunar is a graduate of Crossroads and now volunteers at the center.

"I was incarcerated and the chaplain that I started working for, he decided that I should maybe get in contact with Dominic. So I talked to Dominic and we arranged everything and I was fortunate that we did that because I was told seven days before I was to be released, I wasn't allowed to come here," Lunar said. "I've had some real guardian angels here. I feel that they're giving me an opportunity to return some of the good things they've done for me."

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