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Mother-daughter trio brings the great outdoors to children living in the city

Posted at 7:40 PM, Dec 15, 2020

CLEVELAND — A mother-daughter trio is bringing the great outdoors to children that are living in the city.

"We're called team Hood because we work together as a team," Marica Hood said.

Hood and her daughters Ebony and Erika are sharing their life-long love for nature with youth in their community.

"What we like to do are the sports where typically you wouldn't see people of color," Ebony Hood said.

Marcia Hood got the idea for See You at the Top after watching the Winter Olympics.

"I'd like to see some chocolate coming down those slopes because we don't see the chocolate coming down the slopes," Hood said.

The slopes are where it all started, with just nine children.

"We love to take never-evers to any type of sport," Ebony Hood said.

While their program was initially focused on children, they decided to let the parents get involved.

"Parents were getting jealous, and they're like hey, we want to have these opportunities too," Hood said.

Hundreds of families have now been able to expand their horizons from skiing and snowboarding to rowing and biking.

"They know there is something else bigger than the neighborhood," Marcia Hood said.

See You at the Top participants are bringing much-needed representation to sports and activities they might have never thought of trying.

"As a culture, we distance ourselves from these activities and say that's not what we do, but we have to begin to see ourselves in these outdoor spaces and know it is something we can all do and enjoy together," said Erika Hood.