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She left the corporate world to make a difference in the nonprofit world, helping to end sexual violence in Ohio

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Posted at 7:51 AM, Mar 24, 2021
and last updated 2021-03-24 07:51:09-04

CLEVELAND — Rosa Beltre is the executive director of the Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence. It’s a federal coalition that advocates for survivors of sexual assault.

Beltre left corporate America years ago as a banker to join the nonprofit world, a decision she took seriously.

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Ohio Alliance to End Sexual Violence.

"At first it was as a workforce development and that's how I met Dress for Success and being able to see women come out of any part of life and helping them pick up the pieces but as a whole. Being able to change the culture that we have in Ohio about victim-blaming and understanding that nobody deserves to be raped."

She wanted to make a difference for future generations.

"I want my granddaughter and my future generation to be and live in a free of violence society," she said.

"This work has allowed me to find my voices that have always been called out from ancestries and even from the bible, that we have the right to be here and the right to amplify our voices."

The obvious passion for what she does is rooted in Beltre’s strong foundation of faith.

“I’m an ordained minister for the Spanish Pentecostal Churches," Beltre said.

One of the women in the Bible Beltre admires is Dinah because as a victim of incest and rape she used her voice to expose injustices.

"Even though she could have been stoned, she said what happened," she said.

Beltre’s mission is to continue to fight to end sexual violence and empower survivors with this message.

"Woman is the combination of strength, determination, resiliency."And do not allow anybody to ever tell you the contrary."

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