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Salvation Army offers help for those in Ukraine

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Posted at 10:07 PM, Mar 15, 2022

CLEVELAND — The Salvation Army is helping refugees in Ukraine.

The organization has 10 active units throughout Ukraine.

They have also established units across surrounding countries.

"Certainly, we've sent people to help, but the majority of the work because of language and familiarity are people that have been there. And that's been true for disasters around the world that we've been there. And so it's not like we have to wait for forces to come in," divisional commander Major Cindy-Lou Drummond said.

Those international units are helping displaced families and providing essential items including food, clothes, blankets and much-needed spiritual and emotional care.

They're also working with other non-profits to help reunite families and get new identification documents.

"We definitely know that there's power in working together and making sure that what needs we can't meet another agency can meet, but we can work together," Drummond said.

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