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Airtracker5 reporter Jon Rudder biography

Posted at 9:12 AM, Apr 27, 2016

Birthplace: Beaver, Pennsylvania

Education: Wellsville High School- 2008, West Virginia University Perley Isaac Reed School of Journalism.

Current Position/Job Duties: MMJ, AirTracker5 Reporter, fill-in traffic anchor

Previous Work Experience: Anchor/Reporter, Wheeling-Steubenville.

Joined NewsChannel 5: June 2015

Email: Jonathan.rudder@wews.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/JonRudder

Facebook: Jon Rudder

Most Memorable Stories: Two years ago a pair of Big Brothers, Big Sisters went on a "Hundred Hole Hike" to raise $20,000 for the organization by waking 100 holes of golf.

Also I did a story about an autistic fourth grader became an "assistant coach" for the high school basketball team for part of his behavioral therapy. It was so great to see how happy the intersection made Josh and the impact it also had on a group of high school juniors and seniors! Some of the best sound I've ever had for a story!

Awards/Honors: Ohio Association of Pharmacists broadcast news reporting award.

News Philosophy: Walking along with two golfers during their "Hundred Hole Hike"

Role Model(s): My parents and former coworkers Eric Minor, Steve Mears and Bob Grove.

Favorite Sports Team(s): West Virginia football and basketball, Pittsburgh Penguins, Pittsburgh Pirates.

Favorite Music: I have everything from Kesha to Zac Brown Band on my playlist, and anything in between!

Favorite Movie: Just one!? You serious, Clark!? We if I have to pick just one I'd have to say National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

Favorite Program: The ESPN 30-for-30 specials, Dateline, 20/20 and anything that airs on NewsChannel5 of course!

Favorite Book: Ball Four. I'm also currently reading Stewart Scott's biography called "Every Day I Fight."

Favorite Foods: Anything Italian!

Family: I'm an only child! But I've known my current roommate since I was six years old. That's kind of like a brother, right?

Pet(s): No pets here in Cleveland, but my parents have a golden retriever back home named Dug.

My passion: Reporting and covering stories that people are interested in!

Hobbies & Interests: Still photography, videography, traveling, golf.

Something most people don't know about me: I play guitar!

What I like best about Northeast Ohio: Lake Erie sunsets!

You're most likely to see me around town at: Any of the local malls, restaurants or at a Browns, Cavs, Indians or Monsters game! I also love live music, so if you know of any good spots to catch a local band let me know!

On the weekends I love to: Spend time with my friends, find new places to eat around town, check out the MetroParks and sleep in!