Ohio City's famous Prince mural vandalized again

CLEVELAND - Less than a month ago the infamous Prince mural was vandalized in Ohio City.

Now, the mural is vandalized once again with black graffiti sprayed on the newly fixed mural.

The mural was first vandalized on Sept. 11 but corrected by the original artist, Glen Infante, shortly after the incident.

Comments on social media sparked conversation about the vandalism on public art, with residents chiming in to offer help for repair.

Ashley Shaw, the economic development and planning manager for Ohio City Incorporated, said they will work again with the artist to cover up the graffiti.

"Because of the construction happening here right now, it's very isolated and unfortunately easy for someone to tag without many eyes on the street," Shaw said.

Shaw said Ohio City Incorporated will look into anti-graffiti paint, a clear coat that goes over top of the mural to protect it from future vandalism.

"If it were tagged in the future, the tag could be cleaned off without disrupting the mural," Shaw said.


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