Nashville fans recall viral Adele encounter

Posted at 8:29 PM, Jan 15, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-18 11:19:43-05

Two college students from Nashville recalled their recent encounter with superstar Adele after the once in a lifetime moment went viral thanks to late night television.

Jamie Kirshner and her friend Brady Morgan were on vacation in London on December 17th when they decided to stop into a sushi restaurant. A few tables away they spotted Adele, sitting by herself having a glass of wine.

"First I didn’t believe it was real," said Jamie Kirshner, a freshman at the University from Denver and recent Ensworth High School graduate.

Jamie said Adele walked by her table and that's when the teenager's mother decided to strike up a conversation with one of the most recognizable voices on radio.

"She says I’m a little bit drunk, that was my favorite," she said.

"Then she (my mom) said to Adele 'We couldn’t get tickets to your Nashville show and Adele said, ‘I’m so sorry.' That's when Adele said we’ll get you tickets to the Nashville show just write down your information," Jamie recalled.

Jamie and Brady snapped a picture with Adele, wrote down their email address on a crumpled envelope and figured that was the end of their chance to say 'Hello,' to the pop sensation. Yet, Wednesday night Adele herself appeared on "The Late Late Show with James Corden" and told the same story to millions of people.

"So I’m sitting in this restaurant for an hour on my own looking like such a loser so I order a glass of wine," Adele told the late night host.

"The next day in the park I’m with my kid and I find this email address in my pocket of another family from Nashville who told me the show was sold out. So I got their email address to give them tickets to Nashville!" Adele explained as she was driving around singing karaoke with Corden.

"It was word for word the same thing I’d been telling people!" Jamie said in an interview Friday.

Jamie and Brady haven't received an email from Adele or her management but team but say they're hopeful they'll get tickets to Adele's Nashville show in October.

"Hopefully she’ll get back to us."