Snow got you cold and cranky? Here are 5 movies to help you forget about the winter storm

CLEVELAND - If you're stuck inside because of the weather or find yourself with some free time, stay inside and take your mind of the blustery, winter  weather happening in March.

1. Cast Away: This epic movie of survival will be sure to transform you from frozen lakes and slushy snow to crystal clear water and palm trees. Tom Hanks, starring as Chuck Noland, works as a Federal Express engineer. He devotes himself to the job and finds himself neglecting his future wife. On Christmas Eve, he has to fly out for an assignment. A tragedy strikes and his plane crashes into the ocean. As a sole survivor, he makes it to a deserted island where his fate is unknown and his faith is tested.

2.Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa: A fun, uplifting film for all ages, this movie features a group of penguins and chimps who find themselves on the island of Madagascar. The penguins concoct a plan to rebuild an old plane. They are successful, yet they don't get too far. Will they make it back home?

3. Forgetting Sarah Marshall: After having a devastating break-up with his TV star girlfriend Sarah, Peter decides to get away and go to Hawaii. His vacation is anything but relaxing. Little does he know, Sarah is going to the same resort and she is bringing someone along.

4. The Heartbreak Kid: A man who once single thought he got his dream girl, but on their honeymoon, he encounters a different woman than the one he married.

5. Mama Mia: Set on the beautiful Greek Island, a young woman named Sophie discovers that as she is about to get married and one of the three men that are talked about in her mother's diary could potentially be her father. She invites them all to the wedding without telling her mother, hoping she will recognize one of the men as her father. In the musical sing along, find out if Sophie's wedding is jeopardized.

BONUS (Because this is Cleveland after all): Captain America: The Winter Soldier: Cleveland played Washington D.C. in the film. The West Shoreway was used extensively during the film as a home for fire, explosions, and car crashes. The Cleveland Museum of Art also gets some fame during the movie.

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