5 On Your Side Investigation: Interactive map of roads allows you to grade street, send feedback

Posted at 6:00 PM, Aug 01, 2016

NewsChannel 5 On Your Side Investigators uncovered it’s been nine years since the City of Cleveland had a consulting company survey and grade each of its streets for quality. While a new survey was completed in 2015, it has not yet been released.

INVESTIGATION | Broken roads, broken system: How Cleveland's road repair system is failing you

INTERACTIVE MAP | See what grade the City of Cleveland gave for your street

We learned the city has been using an outdated master list to help determine which roads to fix, helping explain why our roads are not in the best condition. And based on our anecdotal analysis, we went to numerous streets and found a lack of consistency with the way the city decides which streets to fix -- and why your street may not be a high priority.

Watch our full investigation in the video player above. 

We’ve plotted 16,000-plus Cleveland streets along with the grades given to those streets on a map. We've also mapped every street that has been repaved. Now, tell us: Is the city accurate? What grade would you give your street?

GRADE YOUR STREET | Compare the City of Cleveland's grade to the grade you would give your street