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Amazon Alexa not working? The device isn't functioning for many worldwide

Amazon Alexa not working? The device isn't functioning for many worldwide
Posted at 12:37 PM, Oct 23, 2018

Amazon Alexa users are reporting to various outage detection websites that usage is coming back. It is not fully back but many are able to again use the Amazon Alexa device.

Users are reporting that Amazon Echo devices and the voice-controlled personal assistant service Alexa  aren't working, according to and social media.

According to the outage map on Down Detector, Amazon's Alexa voice assistant wasn't working in various parts of the U.S., Europe and India. The issue seems to be concentrated on the East Coast.

People also took to social media to report the issue.

According to the reports, the Amazon devices aren't responding to commands and only respond "Sorry, something went wrong." Users even tried resetting the devices and their internet to no avail. Newsweek is reporting that the issue may be server related.

The outage may even be device-specific as some people reported that certain Amazon Echo devices were working and others weren't. Comments on the website showed that people were having issues with various generations of the following devices: Amazon Echo Dot, Amazon Echo Spot and Amazon Echo Show.

Amazon hasn't released a statement or shared any information as to when the devices will be working again.

This story is developing.

Susan Gonzalez is a digital producer and reporter for the E.W. Scripps national team. Follow her on Twitter @TheNewsan