Landscapers get ready for weekend weather, plan for winter

Posted at 9:41 PM, Nov 16, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-16 21:41:41-05

Don't let these decent November temperatures fool you… The 'S' word is on its way and it's unexpected arrival has some business owners racing against the clock.

But we're not the only ones blindsided by this weekend's forecast. 

News 5 spoke to almost a dozen landscapers today over the phone… all of them saying they were too slammed to even spare 10 minutes for an interview, but we caught a few who said they're doing all they can do to be prepared.

Over the next few days, landscapers and snow plowers will be working round-the-clock to ready themselves for whatever the weekend brings.

Tony Augustine told News 5 he and his workers have been up extra early to accommodate all of the demands. "We're slammed, we're slammed... you know getting mostly yards cleaned up, so we should be all set."

This weekend's forecast of multiple inches of snow has thrown him and others for a loop. Don Kologeraf, owner of D. Peterman Landscaping, said "It's hard to be gung ho about having a good season this year, so we're just in laid-back mode, because of last season we're slow to start." 

Kologeraf said the focus at D. Peterson landscaping has been primarily stocking up on supplies. "Mobilizing equipment is a huge deal, getting plow markers, plow stakes, getting salt on the side where it needs to go. Just you’re really not prepared until the first storm after the first storm then you get acclimated."

The mild winter last year left many businesses with excess salt which is a pretty good savings this season.

So whether the forecast turns out to be true, or just passes by, they told News 5 the heads up is beneficial either way you slice it.

"It gets you in gear, so it gets you moving, if we don't have to do anything it's still having us up and making is more prepared than we would've been," Kologeraf said. 

With some of the leaves still a bit green, and more of them needing to fall… business owners said they're not quite ready to put away their rakes just yet as they might need them throughout most of December.