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Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is changing its name

Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is changing its name
Posted at 5:40 PM, Jun 22, 2022

In 1937, when Americans were living through the struggles of the Great Depression, Kraft introduced its boxed macaroni and cheese. For 19 cents, a family of four could enjoy a creamy, comforting dish of cheesy noodles.

The company sold 8 million boxes of macaroni and cheese in the first year. Now, customers purchase more than a million packages every day.

But after 85 years, Kraft is changing the name of America’s favorite comfort food. Don’t worry, though — it won’t be a difficult change. You might even already be calling it by its new name. Kraft Macaroni and Cheese is now called simply Kraft Mac & Cheese.

This isn’t the first time the brand changed up the product’s name, but it’s been a long time since they did. When it first appeared on store shelves, the product was called Kraft Dinner, which is still the brand name in Canada. It was packaged in a yellow box with navy blue accents.


But in 1954, the company switched to the now-familiar blue gradient boxes and began calling it Macaroni and Cheese.

The updated package is similar, with a couple of notable changes. Along with the new brand name, it features a single shade of blue and the recognizable “noodle smile” dripping with cheese.

Kraft Heinz Company

“We know that people aren’t turning to comfort food as a guilty pleasure, they are positively embracing comfort, saying yes to feeling good, saying yes to caring for themselves,” Victoria Lee, Kraft Mac & Cheese brand manager, said in a press release. “There is a familiar, craveable, positive comfort to Kraft Mac & Cheese that makes it so special and iconic to millions of people across the world and our new look is a reflection of what our brand means to our consumers.”

The brand’s social channels will debut the new look and name over the summer. Updated packaging will start to hit shelves in August.

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