3 steps to brew your own craft beer at home

Posted at 4:28 PM, Aug 03, 2017

If you’re looking to pop open a cold one, but don’t want to leave your pad to get a buzz then we have a great solution. Jared Cotter and Brew Your Own Brew’s Jeff May have three steps to get stated brewing your own craft beer at home.

1. Extract Brewing

There are two ways a homebrewer can start brewing. The first is to extract. Most homebrewers begin with this to get their feet wet. Extract brewing makes use of concentrated malt extract that lets you skip the actual malt extracting process and saves you several hours.

2. Pick a Recipe

Homebrew stores often sell kits with all the ingredients necessary to make an extract brew. Malt extract, hops and yeast. The devil is in the details though.

3. Packaging

It takes about 9 to 10 days to build carbonation in the bottle and about 36 to 48 hours force carbonating in the keg. The best part of the process after all the hard work is getting to enjoy the brews of your labor!

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