4 foods that become healthier after cooking

Posted at 11:45 AM, Dec 03, 2015

The raw food craze has the world thinking that cooking food meant killing its nutrients, but for some fruits and vegetables this isn’t the case at all.  The List’s Donna Ruko has a list of veggies and fruits that get healthier after they're cooked on the Hit List.


When you cook these red powerhouses you increase the lycopene which is very cancer preventative, especially for things like prostate cancer.


After these see the stove their carotenoids increase.  These phytonutrients not only help our vision, but also help fight off cancer.  Just don’t eat too many or your skin will turn orange!


Cooking these hikes their nutrients including vitamin D.  Some studies have shown that women who eat a lot of mushrooms have dramatically lower rates of breast cancer.


When these sweet treats hit the heat, its kicks their vitamin C and folate into high gear.  But to skip the stove you can just buy canned because they are already cooked.

Special thanks to Dr. Susan Wilder of LifeScape Premier, KSW Kitchens Southwest and OakCraft Showroom.