Lakewood home baker gaining major acclaim with nostalgic breakfast pastries

Michelle Doyle started the Hott Tarts business in her home kitchen during the pandemic in 2020 and now sells out regularly
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Posted at 6:47 AM, Dec 12, 2022

LAKEWOOD, Ohio — Breakfast pastries are a staple in homes across America. They're flaky, flavorful and just enough to hold you over.

One Northeast Ohio woman is putting her personal twist on the treat and gaining major acclaim on social media while doing so.

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They're called "Hott Tarts", with two Ts, according to the founder and CEO Michelle Doyle.

They have become so popular, she can't keep them in stock.

The home baker started doing this as a hobby and is quickly learning Clevelanders and people across the region love a sweet and savory breakfast treat.

“I feel like I found my niche. I do. I love it. It’s therapeutic. It’s creative. It’s so much fun," said Doyle, Hott Tarts Founder and CEO.

Doyle‘s personal oasis is her kitchen in Lakewood.

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It’s where she creates picture-perfect breakfast pastries—pouring her heart and soul into the flaky, buttery, hand-crafted crust.

Each treat is a different shape, design and flavor.

“Top three sellers are Warm Brown Sugar, Nutella and Raspberry Delight," said Doyle.

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The sweet treat came about after the home baker created a "Hott Tart" on a whim for a friend’s birthday back in 2020.

To her admitted surprise they were an instant hit.

“One of the partygoers said ya know what? You should really start a business. These are great, these would sell," said Doyle.

She followed her gut instinct and began baking away— posting each Hott Tart on her Instagram page, starting a web page and serving monthly rotating flavors each and every week during the pandemic.

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The one-two punch of childhood nostalgia like Cosmic Brownie and general homemade goodness had people coming back for more and more.

“I think people were looking for something fun and enjoyable. We were missing that, and craving that, and that’s what Hott Tarts are. They’re just fun," said Doyle.

Doyle credits her success and baking skills to her beloved grandmother Lois, who was Mrs. Cleveland in 1956.

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The eventual mom of 8 competed in Mrs. Ohio in 1957 with her Cherry Pie recipe as part of the meal portion of the competition.

That same pie dough recipe Doyle uses in her Hott Tarts today.

"She’s always with me," she said. "So, I have her on the plate right here and it says love you Grandma Lois.”

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Doyle says it’s truly a labor of love, and there’s nothing better than seeing someone happy over a snack made from scratch.

"I just love to see people happy over something so simple," she said.

Doyle started baking after she graduated college and while she worked in higher education at Bowling Green State University.

If you want to check out the Hott Tarts—click here: ✨Hott Tarts✨.

Doyle says to order while you can, though, because she makes each batch to order so they're extra fresh.

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