Local couple launches social networking food sharing app

Posted at 5:39 PM, Nov 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-11-03 17:39:07-04

Cleveland is on the fast track to being known as one of the best towns for 'foodies' in the U.S.

So its no wonder that married couple Tonya Kinlow and Craig Stevens decided to launch their new social networking food service app, 'U Gotta Eat' here in Cleveland.

The app is designed to allow people within the same social network to share meals with each other, as well as buy food from local certified chefs.

Kinlow says that the idea for the app was originally supposed to be a restaurant, but that her husband who is also a chef, decided to go down another path. She says that she really spent time thinking of ways to turn her restaurant idea, into a larger concept that incorporated technology. Thus one job change and a year and a half later, U Gotta Eat was born. 

The app is headquartered here in Cleveland, and Kinlow says that not only does she want the app to grow but she wants it to remain in Cleveland.

A city known for having quite a bit of food desserts and areas lacking nutritional foods, U Gotta Eat hopes to fill that gap.

Eliminating food waste and hunger, while bringing communities together is one of the most important intentions of the app according to Kinlow.

Users will be able to plan meals with other families, and as a result, possibly release the burden and pressure of daily cooking in homes where caregivers have lots on their plates. For her, the app is more than just a food service, its a movement.

"If we could get everyone mindful about what they're putting in their body and how you treat and share with people and how it affects the world it's a mindful conversation and we're using technology to do it", said Kinlow. 

One she hopes empowers us to make the best food choices possible and caring for our overall wellness as a result. The app is now available for both Android and IOS users, and in addition to the food aspect, has daily health and wellness affirmations right on the app.