UberEATS launches in Cleveland on Wednesday, free delivery for limited time

Posted at 7:50 AM, Sep 21, 2016

Wednesday marks the start of a new delivery service for the city. 

UberEATS is set to launch on Wednesday, offering food delivery from some of Cleveland's best-known restaurants including Greenhouse Tavern. Lago East Bank and Fahrenheit. 

Deliveries will be available seven days a week. 

UberEATS is also an opportunity for Uber drivers to make an additional buck. Uber said it will recruit 1,000 Cleveland residents by the end of 2016 to drive with Uber and deliver food orders. 


Those interested in UberEATS will need to download the app, available for Apple and Android phones.

Just like with the original Uber app, users will be able to find the food desired and pay with a credit card on file. Similar to how users watch an Uber driver make its way to their location, users will be able to watch their food order be picked up and delivered in real time. 

Also, for a limited time, Uber said it will offer free delivery on all orders in the Cleveland area.

The app is also scheduled to launch in Cincinnati and has been available in Columbus since August.