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Can too much grapefruit be bad for you? Doctors warn of side effects.

Posted at 7:06 AM, Dec 22, 2021

CLEVELAND — Grapefruit is in full bloom this time of year and it’s becoming increasingly popular.

But not without concern.

Doctors are now worried grapefruit may be causing more harm than good as more and more people use it as an alternative medicine. Though rich in Vitamin C, Ryan Marino, a medical toxicologist with University Hospitals, says you shouldn’t drink or eat too much it.

“If someone's drinking multiple glasses or consuming this every single day, then it can build up and the effects can last for several days at a time,” said Marino.

As Marino explains, excessive consumption could lead to an attack on your body.

“Grapefruit can inhibit that one enzyme and lead to significantly increased concentrations of medicines in your body.”

The enzyme Marino is referring to processes drugs or medicines you may take. It helps lessen side effects and toxicity from medications.

For most people this probably isn't going to be a problem,” he said. “Big concerns would be for people who are on certain blood pressure medications and certain cholesterol lowering medications, as well as some psychiatric medications for mood and depression and anxiety.”

So before try something new or look to revamp your diet, Marino says it’s best to talk you’re your doctor.

“This isn't something that you should just be reaching out to the internet, to social media or that kind of thing,” he said. “When you cut out other balanced parts of a diet that that can cause detrimental effects too.”