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Northcoast Vintage Softball team defies aging in competitive sports, inspiring youth

Posted at 6:29 AM, Mar 07, 2023

EUCLID, Ohio — One group of women is taking a full swing of life while bringing a seasoned approach to softball in Euclid, and they’re not letting their age stop them from schooling the youngsters.

The Northcoast Vintage Softball Players started in 2005. Though many women like Judy Fischlin were playing in Euclid Recreation Center’s softball league, Fischlin says she felt there was a need for more mature women to be able to play the game they love. So, she helped create a space where they can do just that.

“They started letting high school seniors play and as we were getting older, we still wanted to play but we knew we could not compete with the youngsters coming in, so we decide to try our own,” said Fischlin. “It’s a sisterhood that’s developed out there and you make a lot of friends.”

The group is typically made up of about 100 women starting at age 45. The team’s oldest member is 78 years old.

“The national senior games start at 50 and this is our build-up,” said Fischlin.

However, Fischlin admits, there were some challenging moments building a sisterhood.

The reality of aging is one many people – not just women – struggle with. A November “Talker” research poll found 30% of Americans admit they’re in denial. Though, they eventually come to grips with it.

But if you’re one of the women on the Northcaost Vintage Softball team, you own it.

“We have people that are 40 [that say] oh I wish I was 45,” said Fischlin. “We don’t grow old by playing. We grow old when we stop playing.”

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