'Tis the season for holiday online shopping scams

A warning from the FBI
Posted at 4:54 PM, Nov 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-26 17:39:39-05

CLEVELAND — Just days before the kick off the holiday shopping season, the Cleveland FBI has a warning for online shoppers.

“Don’t click, please don’t click,” said Special Agent Vicki Anderson.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two days synonymous with holiday shopping. Americans like Marilyn Weaver will spend money at traditional brick and mortar stores.

“I don’t like to shop online,” explained Weaver.

But this year, online sales are expected to hit an all-time high.

Also, high this time of year: online scams.

“We definitely see a spike during this time,” said Anderson.

The FBI sees a spike in the number of complaints coming about online scams.

Anderson said the cyber-criminals are getting creative.

Pay attention to deals flooding your inbox that seem to good to be true or holiday messages from your favorite store. It could just be a scam targeting your personal information.

“What we’re trying to get people to do is, if you see something that is advertised from a place that looks like a good deal, go out of the email and go to the website. If it is something legit, it’s going to be advertised on the website," explained Anderson.

If you are a victim of fraud, file a complaint with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center.