Home improvement: 3 inventions every garage needs

Posted at 4:10 PM, Mar 09, 2017

It’s time to improve your home improvement and if you want to up your tool game, Donna Ruko has three cool new inventions every garage needs.

1.  Rockler Mixing Mate

Sometimes you'll see a black film on the top where the color is really separated. Just put the lid on the can, crank the handle and pour. The seal is so strong accidents are no problem. When you're done, set the leak-proof sealed can back on the shelf for storage. Pick one up for around $19.

2.  Coolbox

Organized storage is just the beginning. This cool tool box also boasts 24 features including an extension cable, AC and USB ports, and a magnetic lid. It’s even has Bluetooth and wireless capable. You can preorder one now for around $200.

3.  Leatherman Tread

Wear 29 tools on your wrist with this cool invention. Each of the stainless steel links has tools on it, like screwdrivers, wrenches and even a bottle opener. It’s like a workbench hanging from your wrist. The links are fully customizable with options including a Swiss-made time piece. This would be probably a viable option for someone who just really wants the availability of having tools with you all the time. Pick one up for around $185.

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