Top 3 ways to communicate with dogs

Posted at 3:06 PM, Feb 22, 2017

The idea of being able to have a conversation with our furry friends is a fascinating idea, and it might be even closer to a reality than you might think. Jared Cotter has the top three ways we will soon be communicating with our dogs.

1.  Communication Vest

The project, known as Fido is testing vests with sensors the dogs trigger with a tug or a nudge of the nos. The dog can summon help with a medical alert vest and can tell the difference between what toys are being held up.

2.  Dog Translators

Trying to understand your dog's barking can be frustrating and annoying so companies like My Dog Translator, Dino Lingo and Google have created technology that says they can convert barks into English. It's really complicated and has to do with brain waves, but it looks pretty cool if it works.

3.  Pet Psychics

Most in this profession say they telepathically speak to creatures with pictures and feelings. Pet owners cough up as much as $250 an hour to find out what's going on in that fluffy head.

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