Marisa Mathews


Birthplace: Warren, Ohio

Education: Kent State University

Current Position/Job Duties: Assignment Desk Editor

Joined News 5: January of 2019


News Philosophy: Not everyone wants to tell their story, but everyone deserves the opportunity to.

Role Model: My mom is my number one support system. I am always inspired to live my life to the fullest for my late grandma.

Favorite Music: Indie Rock, Alternative

Favorite Movie: American Beauty, Be Kind Rewind, and 6 Years. Some time ago I worked at Family Video and I watched way too many movies- for free!

Favorite Program: Major fan of Broad City and Arrested Development.

Favorite Food: Anything spicy is good for me. Always game for a new sushi place!

Hobbies & Interests: I truly enjoy exploring Cleveland and the suburbs around it. Always looking for a good mural to stand in front of.

You're most likely to see me around town: In Lakewood or Ohio City trying a new pizza shop.

What I like best about Northeast Ohio: Everything is just a few minutes away.

Additional Info You Want People to Know about You: I love birds. Seagulls, ducks, and even geese. Love ‘em.

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