Duke star Grayson Allen, Donald Trump lead goofiest 2017 NCAA prop bets

Posted at 8:09 AM, Mar 16, 2017

Those looking to put a few bucks on something this March other than an NCAA Tournament bracket have plenty of options with tournament prop bets. 

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Think one conference will have a superior performance this March, a 15-seed will beat a 2-seed or even if this year's national sports villain will foul up in prime time? came up with a bunch of odds for everything from the champion to whether a coach makes an anti-Donald Trump statement in a postgame press conference.

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Here are some of the more interesting options promoted. 

NCAA Championship odds

This is a staple bet for those who have a better view of the grand picture than the individual brush strokes of the tournament. Odds of 3/1 mean the bettor would win $3 for every $1 gambled. All odds are according to 

  • Kansas: 7/1
  • Villanova: 8/1
  • North Carolina: 9/1
  • Gonzaga: 11/1
  • Kentucky: 12/1
  • Oregon: 12/1
  • UCLA: 12/1
  • Arizona: 14/1
  • Duke: 14/1
  • Louisville: 14/1
  • Any other team: 11/2



Seeding odds

  • Odds of all four No. 1 seeds reaching the Final Four: 35/1
  • Odds both championship teams are No. 1 seeds: 5/2
  • Odds of a No. 16 team beating a No. 1 seed: 25/1
  • Odds of a No. 15 seed beating a No. 2 seed: 20/1

Odds the national champion comes from this conference

  • ACC: 11/4
  • Pac-12: 7/2
  • Big 12: 19/4
  • Big East: 6/1 
  • SEC: 19/2
  • Big Ten: 22/1
  • Any other conference: 19/2

Duke's Grayson Allen odds

  • Odds Allen gets a technical foul in the tournament: 9/1
  • Odds Allen kicks/trips an opponent in the tournament: 49/1

Other oddities

  • Odds two coaches have a physical altercation during the tournament: 22/1
  • Odds a famous alumnus gets into a physical altercation at the site of an NCAA Tournament game: 30/1
  • Odds at least one coach makes an anti-Donald Trump statement during a postgame press conference: 15/1
  • Odds at least one coach makes a pro-Donald Trump statement during a postgame press conference: 50/1