After-Easter purchases that will save you later

Posted at 11:03 AM, Mar 25, 2016

Easter is a great holiday for gathering with family and friends, exchanging Easter baskets and loading up on candy. But it can also be expensive — so why not plan ahead for next year?

Here are some items you should purchase the day after Easter to save some money.

Easter grass for your Easter baskets or use instead of tissue paper in gifts.

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New Easter baskets for next Easter, or you can use them as sand buckets or even storage bins for your kids toys. Or spray paint them orange and use them for Halloween.

Easter dresses in the next year’s size and hats, or buy them in this year’s size for upcoming wedding season.

Plastic eggs.

Buy candy that has a long shelf-life to hand out for Trick-Or-Treat in October.

Spring napkins, plates, serving utensils and trays. Use them next Spring or if you have to host a baby or bridal shower throughout the year.

Stuffed animals. Great gifts for the little girls in your family.

Easter egg dye. You can use it next year for Easter or you can use the red and green for Christmas or other holidays.

This story was written by Katie Simpson for The Daily Clutch.