10 ways non-football fans can enjoy Super Bowl

Posted at 3:02 PM, Jan 25, 2016

If you are like me, a quarterback means getting a 25-cent refund. But don’t leave me out of a Super Bowl party — I would have major FOMO not being social at one.

Here are some ways to enjoy the camaraderie without actually having to enjoy or understand the game.

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1. Make a side bet, on anything. Bet on which team wins, loses, punches another player … or even who has the prettiest cheerleaders. Not only will this help you focus on the game, but you might enjoy it. (And maybe even win some money.)

2. Bring a deck of cards. Odds are you aren’t the only person at the party not interested in screaming at the TV. Start up a game of poker and by halftime you should have a good gathering of the losing team’s fans.

3. Make plenty of Super-Bowl inspired appetizers and hang out at by the food all afternoon. As new dishes arrive, you’ll be the first to try them.

4. Make a drinking game out of it: Every time you don’t understand a call or a play, take a drink. If you are like me, make sure you have a sober driver because I would be drunk after the first few plays!

5. Create a Super-Bowl inspired drink and be the bartender. Here’s a great list of football themed drinks: Superbowl Cocktails

6. Don’t forget your phone or tablet. You may have to sit in a corner and hang out on Etsy or Amazon all evening to pass the time. Oh, and don’t forget your credit card, for that matter.

7.  As the announcer is saying names, search them on the Internet. You can find out the juicy details of their lives and also see some pretty good-looking men.

8. Rate the commercials and compare with criticisms on the Internet the next day. Check out any hashtags on Twitter that are associated with the advertisers. And don’t miss the half-time show.

9.  Memorize some ambiguous phrases such as “Open your eyes, ref!” or “Beast Mode.”  Your friends will be totally impressed.

10.  When all else fails, dance! Every time there is a touch down — doesn’t matter which team — do a touchdown dance.  Make it up ahead of time, and by the end of the night the whole party will be doing it!

Follow those ideas and you’ll be the life of the Super Bowl party in no time.

This article was written by Katie Simpson for The Daily Clutch.