Steelers-Bengals bad blood lands 6 in jail

Posted at 2:22 PM, Jan 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-01-10 16:57:03-05

Six men were arrested last night following the highly emotional Wild Card playoff game at Paul Brown Stadium.

Of course, NFL logos and jerseys were visible in the accused men's mug shots. Of the six, half were Bengals fans, the other three Steelers fans.

Jared McCarty, 19, Martin Cooke, 33, David Grillo, 25, Tyler Matthys, 21, Phillip Ross, 29, and Andrew Robles, 28, were all accused and arrested for assaults during and following Sunday's game.

Jared McCarty

McCarty was also charged with carrying a fake ID, underage consumption of alcohol and theft. Police records said the 19-year-old "admitted to consuming alcohol and striking the victim (a woman) in the face."

Tyler Matthys

Matthys, from Westville, Indiana, was also accused of striking a woman in the face at Paul Brown Stadium, according to a Hamilton County affidavit.

David Grillo

Officers observed Grillo throwing a beer can at a Bengals fan, according to the complaint file. The victim suffered facial lacerations.

Andrew Robles

Robles, of Allentown, Pennsylvania, struck a woman in the head as he was being escorted out of the game by police.

Phillip Ross

Police said Ross -- of Cheviot -- head-butted a man in the face at the stadium. (His forehead has a distinct red mark in his mug shot.)

Martin Cooke

Cooke was issued a warrant for disorderly conduct in addition to the assault charge. A police report on Cooke's arrest said he "exposed himself" to a witness and "urinated on another (person) in public."

Matthys and Robles were wearing Steelers jerseys in their mug shots. According to the other suspects' Facebook pages, McCarty and Ross are avid Bengals fans (sporting Bengals jerseys in their profile photos). Cooke, who also goes by the alias "Jared," was wearing a Bengals hoodie at the time of the urination altercation, according to police records. 

Grillo's page indicates that he is a proud Pittsburgh fan, born and bred.