Best tablets for children

Posted at 8:58 PM, Dec 17, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-17 20:58:34-05

A tablet makes a great gift for kids. The best come loaded with lots of games and activities. And they come with parental controls, to limit access to certain apps.

Consumer Reports checked out a dozen kids’ tablets. They tested for responsiveness, screen quality, readability and battery life. Testers also used “the tumbler,” a special machine to check for durability. It replicates falls from almost three feet. Two tablets failed the tumbling test – the School Zone Little Scholar Learning Tablet, and the Isabella Products Fable. And Consumer Reports found the screen hard to swipe.

In the end, the KD Interactive Kurio Smart, for $200, topped Consumer Reports ratings. It has a very good, easy-to-use screen. It is one of the most responsive tablets tested and comes loaded with several fun motion-sensor games. The Kurio Smart runs on Windows operating system, useful if your child is transitioning to a Windows computer for schoolwork.

And Consumer Reports named two Amazon Fire tablets Best Buys. The regular “grownup” version is $50 or you can opt for the $100 kid version. It comes with a bumper and is loaded with a year’s subscription of kid-friendly content. Both have nine hours of battery life and both survived the tumbler.


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