Can you make money wrapping your car with ads?

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Posted at 4:52 PM, Jun 13, 2017
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We've all seen the Red Bull car, or similar vehicles with a company logo plastered on them. It is not uncommon for companies to wrap cars in their logo and advertise on the go.

But can the average driver actually make money wrapping their car with logos like this?

Craig Fuller saw such an ad while he was on Facebook and almost went all in before he found a red flag.

“It was an advertisement to put decals on your car to advertise Rockstar energy drink and they would pay you $400 a week. It looked good,” Fuller said.

Within days of applying to be one of these drivers, he received an envelope saying he had been selected. Fuller says it even came with a check to pay a detailer to place Rockstar logos on his Honda.

“I would cash the check, take out my first week’s payment and pay the detailer the remainder of the check,” he said.

Red Flags

But, it was how he was supposed to pay the detailer that set off little alarm bells in his head.

Fuller was to cash the check, then MoneyGram the rest to the detailer to an address in Puerto Rico.

According to the Better Business Bureau, this is another version of the phony check scam.  It will bounce, and you will be out hundreds of dollars.

They also say it is very rare for any company to allow a non-employee to wrap their vehicles in advertisement because of the risks involved with the driver on the road. 

You could have an accident, cut off another driver, or do something else that gives the company bad publicity.

The BBB also says that energy drink companies don’t solicit people through emails or Facebook ads. So if one pops up, just delete it. 

There are a few reputable car advertising services, including Carvertise. This company pays drivers $100 a month for driving around and charges zero upfront fees to start.


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