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Mother's Day 2022 will be the most expensive ever, here's how to save

Inflation is hitting many of the items we buy for mom
Mothers Day Flowers
Posted at 6:00 AM, May 04, 2022

From flowers, to brunch, to jewelry: Inflation is raising prices on almost all things Mother's Day.

The National Retail Federation estimates the average family will spend $245 on Mother's Day this year, including gifts and dinner.

So how do you make mom feel special without over-spending?

We found some great gifts that won't break the bank, starting with a traditional favorite: Floral gifts.

Flower and plant gifts

Floral centers everywhere are busy this week, as shoppers like Tasha Thompson search for that perfect flower or plant for mom.

"Whatever she wants," Thompson said. "Whatever mom wants, she gets!"

But with a delivered rose bouquet costing as much as $100, and lasting less than a week, how can you keep those costs down?

John Clark, manager of Benken Florist and Garden Center, suggests buying mom a long-lasting flowering plant that she can plant in her garden, such as roses, lilies, or hydrangeas.

"Instead of something that might last two weeks," Clark said, "it's an ever-giving gift, all through the season, and when she looks out she is reminded of who gave her that gift."


While flowers may top the list, jewelry isn't far behind.

Shopping blogger Trae Bodge says buying jewelry for mom doesn't have to be expensive.

"Jewelry is typically on sale around this time of year anyway," she said,

Bodge says if the budget is tight, costume jewelry can be very affordable, and usually on sale at brick and mortar stores.

New back-to-work clothing

And considering a lot of women have been working from home for two years, she says now is a great time to buy mom some fresh work-day accessories.

"She might like some fun sort of sparkly pieces to dress up with as she's going back to work," Bodge said.

When shopping for gifts:

  • Stick to your budget. Mom will understand.
  • Look for sales, especially on Mother's Day-themed items.
  • Or skip the spending, and offer to help mom with a chore or project.

Overall though, the National Retail Federation expects people to spend extra on mom this year, despite inflationary pressures.

Kathrine Cullen of the trade group said "they're not gonna scrimp on mom. Because of inflation, they really want this to feel like a special year."

Avoiding problems

A few more things to remember for Mother's Day.

  • If you're ordering flowers online, the Better Business Bureau says to allow enough time for shipping and delivery: Don't wait until Saturday to order. You are better getting flowers from the grocery store at that point.
  • Don't click on online Mother's Day coupons without making sure the source is real.
  • Finally, use a credit card so that if flowers can't be delivered on time, you can dispute the charges.

That way mom has a great day, and you don't waste your money.