LIST | 5 cybersecurity tips you should know

Posted at 2:57 PM, Feb 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-03 14:57:23-05

Cybersecurity has become more and more important as online criminals try to hack into your cameras, your cell phones, your computers, and so much more.

Heimdal Security touts itself as a company that “protects users and companies from cyber-criminal actions.”  Here are five of the top ways it suggests to help protect you and your family from online problems.

Use 2-factor authentication. Some social media sites let you not only use login passwords, but send a security code to your cell phone for further verification.

Use a reliable password manager so you can store extra strong passwords for your log-ins.

Disable JavaScript on your internet browser. You can enable it for the sites that you know and that require it to run.

Make sure you know your privacy settings on your phones, tablets, and social media. You don’t want to overshare where people on the internet can use that information for devious purposes.

Don’t click on links in emails especially if you don’t know where that email is coming from. Even if it looks legit, stay away.

For more information about keeping yourself safer online, don't miss Jonathan Walsh's eye-opening investigation into IP-based security cameras being hacked in some of the most private areas of your life. People in Northeast Ohio are victims as we speak. Watch NewsChannel 5 at 11 on Thursday.