Ohio teen scammed while playing Fortnite

Posted at 12:45 PM, Jul 23, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-23 12:45:55-04

An Ohio mother wants to protect other families from scammers after her teenage son was allegedly duped while playing the competitive fighting game, Fortnite.

Jake Bates, 13, of Mason, Ohio, said he spent nearly $3,000 of his own money to buy game accessories like avatar clothes, which are called skins.

Fortnite is a wildly popular survival game where players can join teams to battle each other out. Since its release last year, 45 million players have joined in on the fun.

Bates said a hacker talked him into handing over his password and username so that the gamer could give him more skins in Fortnite, according to ABC News.

Bates' mother said her credit card information was linked to Jakes gaming account. The scammer even went as far as to kill his character from the game.

His mother contacted Epic Games but hasn't heard back.