Scammers target online shoppers on Cyber Monday

Posted at 9:09 PM, Nov 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-28 21:09:22-05

Cyber Monday is the day millions of Americans spend millions of dollars doing their online shopping. It’s also the day scammers look to cash in and take advantage of unknowing shoppers.

Buyers beware, some deals may be too good to be true, and with one click of the mouse, you could be scammed out of hundreds of dollars.

$1 billion is the amount of money the FBI says online scammers will make from online shoppers this year.

“Scammers know very well that a lot of us are online today doing holiday shopping,” said Sue McConnell, the President and CEO of the Greater Cleveland Better Business Bureau.

You can bet your bottom dollar; this is the most wonderful time of the year for scammers too.

“It’s very easy for a con-artist to put a website up that looks very legitimate,” said McConnell.

First, the Better Business Bureau cautions buyers to beware of totally bogus websites. They will often pop up looking legitimate but are selling fake, knock-off merchandise.

“The web address should have https in front of it. That means if you put your credit card information on there, it’s going to be securely sent to the seller,” said McConnell.

Always shop with a credit card, that tactic will give you more protection, if what you buy isn’t the same as what’s delivered, you can dispute the purchase. The same does not apply for a debit card.

“You need to be very careful this time of year. Don’t be led around because you find what you’re looking for and somebody’s offering it at an unbelievably low price,” said McConnell.

You will no doubt see some incredibly low prices on Cyber Monday, but don’t fall into traps. A brand new 70 inch TV will not go for $50.

“If it sounds too good to be true, we’ve always said, it probably is too good to be true,” said McConnell.

Finally, check a website’s privacy policy. It’s there you will be able to see if that website will give away your email and contact information to potential scammers.

It’s always a good idea to check reviews too. If a website has no reviews and you’ve never purchased from them before, experts say there’s a good chance that site was created by a scammer.